Not harmfull for your enviroment

“we have a product that requires no hazard labelling so we can use it confidently knowing that it is safe for both the installer, the customer and the general environment”


The environment is again a hot topic in public opinion.

The list of labels invented by marketeers is endless but without legal background it holds no truth.

When calling it Bluemotion , Econetic or Drive ,  if it still has a fuel rate worse than a 60 years old 2CV , are you sure you want to call it “more enviromentally friendly”?

When you go to a store, are you really sure the eggs are any better than when they are produced in a “bio”farm ?

Is it a leap to assume that if it has no hazard label, it is really hazard free ?

As long as there is no independent research backed up by law enforcers the answer is no.



One response to “Not harmfull for your enviroment

  1. So: which labels do exist here in Belgium and what are the ‘rules’ to be able to use one label or the other on your products? And is the use of these labels followed up by a (jurisdicial, governmental,…) instance?

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