new in the global clas: GHS/CLP

We gebruiken elke dag wel chemische producten bij onze dagelijkse taken zoals schoonmaken, ontkalken, schilderen, verlijmen, oliën of invetten. Maar hoewel deze hulpmiddeltjes natuurlijk heel welkom zijn, is het gebruik ervan niet zonder gevaar …


With enviroment and safety for chemical substances is a world wide concern, politcians gathered for an ambitious project.

The Globally Harmonized System for Classification , Labelling and Packaging of chemicals or GHS/CLP in short was introduced to

make an uniform way to indentify chemicals.

Although it was a big step in the good direction it didn’t work as good as planned.

From 1 december 2010 the rules became more global altough each region still has it’s own nuances.

The main differences from the previous system are other, more global understood messages and

the adaptation of H- and P sentenses instead of R- and S-sentences.

The infograph below discribes the biggest differences

infograp of difference

inforgraph of difference



GHS systeem 

Inleiding tot GHS



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