With EMICODE®, you’re always on the safe side


One of the important types of labeling for adhesives is  EMICODE. When a product passes EMICODE EC1 Plus standards it is tought to be safe for the everyday installer to use. This means that on a daily basis the amount of toxic substances released should be lower than the amount legally declared. This assumes that the installer takes all precautions necessary

The main part for passing EMICODE tests is the amount of  Volatile organic compound or VOC. The most common types of VOC coming from adhesives are types of alcohol and formaldehyde.  This is measured precisely on different times after applying the adhesive. This is after 1 – 3 and 28 days. This is done by taking air out of the testchamber and measuring it for organic substances in a GC.

Another part for passing EMICODE testing is no use of carcinogenic or deemed toxic or very toxic by law.

There are no legal implications for following or not following this standard, although it is generally followed to keep up with competing company’s.


Talk with Dr. Luc Peeters , R&D Manager HPPD-LP at Kaneka


testing conditions


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