Blue Angel – Eco-Label with Brand Character

The Blue Angel is the first and oldest environment-related label for products and services in the world.


When concidering enviromental benefits there are a lot of  choices you can go for,  to prove your product is enviromentally better than the compeditors.

The oldest of these ecolabels within the EU is founded in germany.  Blue Angel is an initiative of the Federal Minister of Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment of the federal government.

Being the oldest eco-label available  it has already put its mark on a lot of oncoming laws in the field of climat change. One of the succes stories is the recyclage of old paper. By awarding a label for recycled paper it helped give live to the recycle industrie.  This is helped by politicians promoting recycled paper by using it in their public offices.


Talk with Dr. Luc Peeters , R&D Manager HPPD-LP at Kaneka

Recycled paper

succes story’s


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