Enviromently friendly: the close-up

Therefore, to sum up, it is possible to state that the whole technical advantages (low
viscosity, high quickness, excellent adhesion and light resistance) and the benefits
derived from the lack of labelling with hazard symbols are the starting point of the
diffusion of MS-Polymer based products, able to solve a wide range of application


When looking at this study it is clear that bearing no hazard on the label does not safeguard you from hazards. One of the biggest, and nearly only, hazards of MS Polymer adhesives is methanol. The curing mechanism of these types of adhesives take moisture from the air to cure and release methanol as end product.

This study further shows that the amount of methanol released is much higher than expected. What this study does is simulate a typical installation of flooring. These results are astonishingly bad. This study shows that after 5 minutes the maximum for 15 minutes is exceeded more than 2 times. This continues to be more than allowed trough the whole test set-up.

This appears to be strange at first there are some simple reasons for this. The most important reason is that they didn’t “use the adhesive in a well ventilated room”. This to simulate the way a professional would install when time is limited.

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