What is a vibration test and vibration test on hip implant

Vibration testing is the shaking of a product or package to determine its ability to survive in real world conditions. These tests can be categorized into:

1) Transportation environment 
Packages and products must be assessed to ensure that they can survive transportation via truck, air or rail.

2) Operating environment 
Many products have to survive vibration in their daily working life, regardless of how they were originally transported. Examples include electronics in vehicles, construction equipment and aircraft.

3) Storage environment of sensitive products
Some sensitive products experience vibration when sitting on the floor of a building, since most buildings vibrate. External factors that cause this kind of vibration include air conditioning, other operating equipment and passing vehicles.

The assessment of hip implant using vibration techniques is an application of vibration test under operating environment. Hip joints, especially of old people, get easily damaged due to the pressure caused by body weights, impacts from the ground when walking, climbing stairs, and other internal/external factors. Ideally vibration tests can be used to identify different situations like good fixation, loose contact and half-loose contact, and thus serve to determine if  a THA ( cf. ‘ Prothesis and Total hip arthroplasty(THA) ) surgery is necessary.

Sources: http://www.testedandproven.com/services/all-services/vibration-testing


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