Why we all don’t use a Cross-platform IDE.

Every developer has a favourite platform, let your developer work on his a favourite platform and you will get a happy developer. It’s one of several advantages of using a cross platform development environment.  But developing application on different platforms, for different platforms may introduce some problems.

It can lead to the “Works For Me”-Syndrome.  A developer assumes it will work on other platforms if it works on his platform. And as there are applications who can be compiled for multiple platforms without changing one line of code, in most cases some things need to be changed and tested. This means you need the resources to be able to test  it on all of these platforms. Which cost money and time.

Also if you have the intention to release you program on only one platform you probably find a better platform platform dependent IDE than a platform independent one. This takes us to a next topic, what makes a good IDE?




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