What makes a good IDE?

That isn’t an easy question. Looking trough some forums it also seems a personal choice.  When you start programming you don’t need gimmicks like code completion or refactoring features. You don’t want an IDE with a high learning curve, you just want an IDE that gives you maximum productivity on that moment. In that regard, even Notepad would make a great IDE (despite that it’s technically not an IDE). On the other side, from a full-blown IDE we expect all those gimmicks. But there is not something like the best IDE. Like mentioned before, it’s a personal choice. It for example depends on your platform and on the programming language you will use.  Nevertheless, multi-language IDE’s and cross-platform IDE’s seems to have an advantage. Remarkable, the fact that an IDE is open source or not doesn’t seem to care most of the people, in most cases it isn’t even mentioned. Does it make a difference to users whether a program is open source or not?  After all, only the fact Qt Creator is open source makes this thesis even possible.  It gives us a topic to explore, what is the whole deal behind open source?




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