Nice comparison of IDE’s

If you follow the link at the bottom you’ll find an article where they give a top ten of Java IDE’s. Although this is limited to one language, this article is still quite interesting because it goes into detail about the good and bad qualities of the different IDE’s. It also mentions whether the IDE is open source and free-to-use. Some of the abilities are found often in the top IDE’s.
The possibility to enlarge the coding field to encompass the entire screen is very appreciated by developers. This mode gives the user more focus and a better overview of the code he is working on. Also the ability to change the layout of the different parts of the editor, such as the project view and the menubar, are very well liked.
When it comes to more practical abilities, auto completion of expressions is almost a basic feature. Also block text editing is often found. So to be able to comment out or indent an entire block of text.
From this article it also seems that open source and free availability of the editor are not such a great concern. While it is true that the two highest rated are both free to use and open source, the third and fourth are not free and have a proprietary license and the fifth while being free to use, also has a proprietary license.



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