Who Should Undergo Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement surgery is the quickest and perhaps most effective solution to relieve pain in the damaged knee joint. However, it’s absolutely not the best solution for anyone who has a knee problem. It is strongly suggested that patients consider other treatments (anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy as examples) as priority to a knee surgery. There are several reasons why you need a total knee replacement, however:

  • Severe knee pain or stiffness that limits your everyday activities, including walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs.
  • Chronic knee inflammation and swelling that does not improve with rest or medications.
  • Knee deformity — a bowing in or out of your knee.
  • Failure to substantially improve with other treatments.
  • You are feeling mentally depressed or the pain heavily interferes with your social life.

Moreover, most patients who undergo total knee replacement are aged between 50 and 80. Young patients who suffer from severe arthritis problem should also take the surgery, but this is a relatively rare case. Whether it is necessary to perform a surgery depends largely upon the orthopedic surgeon’s evaluation, and discussions with family, friends and others who are closely related to your life.


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